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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 14, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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the first to break the sound barrier around 11:15 eastern time. it got delayed a little bit. >> we'll ask rick why he went skydiving after the show. thanks, folks, see you next week. fox news alert, new fallout from the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya as the mother of one murdered american is speaking out. that's raising new concerns about security at the consulate where the u.s. embassador and three other americans were killed. grieving mother pat smith says critical questions remain under answered about her son, sean's death. >> how did my son die? why did he die? especially why weren't there security people?
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they told me there were five security people there. who were they and why didn't they do something? some of those security people got killed and some did not. >> still such a tragedy. good morning, everyone, i'm jamie colby. >> i'm eric. >> this development comes as secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is doing what it can to protect its people around the world. >> and we will never prevent every act of violence or terrorism or achieve perfect security. our people cannot live in bunkers and do their jobs. >> so how do we protect americans serving overseas and is that the message we want to send to those risk their lives. john bolton joins us as he does every sunday at this time. he's in miami.
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good morning, embassador. >> goodgood morning, glad to beh you. >> mrs. smith is in pain, really heartbreaking. is her criticism fair and justified or do you think it may not be? >> well, i think it's absolutely justified. by definition, we've had a disaster with four americans killed and the question that she's asking, why wasn't there adequate security, is absolutely central. the administration has been -- was told repeatedly by security officials on the ground that more security was needed. it obviously was not provided. it's clear now there was ample intelligence of the threat level that the consulate in benghazi faced and despite that, there were no changes in the security provided. and we obviously had the tragedy of september 11 with embassador stevens and three others kills. the answer she's getting to have a couple f.b.i. agents and
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somebody from a u.s. attorney's office call and tougher answer questions is incredible. >> she said she met with president obama saying she cried on his shoulder and leon panetta held her face in his hands and said they would tell her the truth and she's saying the government is lying. >> there are only two explanations. one is that there's a coverup going on for political reasons and i think that's a view that's increasingly widespread among the american people. the other is ideology prevents the president even to this day and many in his administration from processing reality from seeing anything that's different different from their world view. it's not that the intelligence is not coming in. it's there there's a screen over their consciousness. they can't understand what is actually happening in libya and the threats we face. i find that more disturbing than a coverup.
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at least with a coverup, they know the true. if it's ideology we're in danger if the president gets a second term. >> you have served in the state department and advised mr. romney. what happens in these situations? apparently there was a drone that was at one point sent to the consulate, they're watching at the state department in real time. if they're doing that, what went wrong? >> well, again, we have the testimony of the officials responsible this past webs before the house of representatives committee that the consulate in benghazi was in communication in real time with washington, that the embassy in tripoli knew that the attack was grave enough, they sent people from tripoli to try to provide additional support. there was never any question from the get go that this was not some spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand. there weren't any demonstrations in front of the consulate in benghazi that day.
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the whole idea this has something to do with placid libyans and egyptians outraged by the video, which the president still repeated at his speech at the united nations two weeks later doesn't bear up. somebody has to come clean. i don't understand why secretary clinton isn't in the lead. these are people who worked for her who were killed and it's bad leadership, it's inadequate leadership to say we're going to way for an administrative review board for a report. she should find out what happened to her people. >> she has spoken out but you think she's intentionally trying to do that because she's got her eye on 2016? >> i don't know what the psychology is. i thought she wasn't being the party line but she's not doing anything to get to the bottom of this. i don't think you treat what happened at the consulate in benghazi as all in a day's work.
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it's not. it's true the secretary of state probably doesn't get involved in security questions but libya is a special case. in any event, once for people are killed, the secretary ought to get her fingernails dirty and find out what's going on. we have people at other diplomatic possesses in the middle east and around the world in danger. they can't wait for an investigation that may take months. >> the attack has taken the headlines from another attack, iran, apparently trying to cyberhack into american computer systems. >> this is very interesting. clearly this is the pentagon conclusion as leaked, conveniently, to the "new york times" i don't have any doubt our cyber warfare capabilities are better than iran's but remember who iran's allies are.
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china and russia. it's been the view of the military and intelligence community that china has the most advanced volusia warfare community. this is be a excellent for them to share their intelligence and research our capabilities. as our sanctions continue, i think we need to be worried that iran is not going to sit placidly and let the economic sanctions slap them around. they're going to respond and perhaps they already have. >> that's really encouraging. [ laughter ] embassador, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> we'll have more on the congressional investigation into the libya attack. republican congressman peter king will be here and we ask him but the house hearing that took place on the hill this past week. and if the senate committee
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plans to launch it's own bipartisan investigation. we get to the race for the white house. president obama and governor romney as you can imagine are prepping for their second presidential debate this tuesday. it comes on the heels of the vice presidential face-off and critics call joe biden's performance condescending and disrespectful. >> thank heavens we have sanction ins place. it's inspite of their opposition. they've given 20 waivers to the sanction and all i have to point to or the results. two occasions we advocated for constituents applying for grants. >> i love that. i love that. >> look, this is a plan. by the way, that $6,400 number was -- its totally inaccurate. this plan a bipartisan.
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the $5 trillion plan has been discredit by six studies and their own deputy campaign manager indicated it wasn't correct. i know you're unduress to make up for lost ground but people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting. >> how much impact will it happen on the next critical showdown, the presidential debate. >> good morning. >> the first question i have is obviously the prep must be intense for both of the candidates. what kind of impact can you expect from the presidential debate, especially since early voting is starting and starts in more states. >> absolutely. that debate will be one of the most watched and focused because, first of all, the timing. early voting is continuing and starting in many states.
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experts estimate 40% will vote before election day so the stakes are high. this is an important debate because president obama will come out with something to prove. he's been hanging out, working with his aides at a resort near washington, d.c., working through and preparing a lot more for this debate than for the first. >> ed henry is covering both debates and the debate prep. he's going to join us soon to tell us what's going on. foreign affairs will be a big topic. how much traction is there in the libya question in? >> you'll see talk about libya. i will be surprised if it didn't come up this is a town hall format so it's much more of a conversation. the first two have been contentious, especially the vice presidential debate, especially with matters of foreign affairs. this one will be more about the candidates interacting with the
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audience. >> but they obviously will have talking points and things they want to fit into an answer and i wonder how much fact correction you would expect from governor romney and president obama based on the vice presidential debate and questions about getting any facts wrong? >> absolutely. you will see interaction. they'll try to fact check each other much like when biden interjected, facts matter. i don't think we'll see something as loud as that but they'll spar trying to say facts here and there and also the campaign aides themself, i see them in my in-box, the emails spew in, fact checking the other campaign constantly over the course of the debate. >> i'm personally a happyoholic. i wake up smiling, but it has to be appropriate. you can't smile when talking about things that are not smiling matters. if i read a libya story, i have
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sadness in my heart. was vice president biden's smiling and snickering appropriate and effective? do you expect president obama will come out with a big grin? >> i don't think president obama will come out like a big grin. joe biden was joe biden. very aggressive, you mentioned the smiling and laughing. the base liked that. >> why? why did they like it? i heard it fired up the democratic base, why? >> because they thought the party was -- particularly joe biden was standing up for himself. independents thought it was disrespectful but the base liked to see someone fight back, especially after the president didn't look like he was fighting for it. >> what about women? >> women generally get put off by that kind of performance. they don't like negative campaigns. they have a lower tolerance for
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them compared to men. that's what the polling bears out so they didn't like it as much but we're talking about a small poll of undecided and independent voters left out there. >> talk about young voters and then before i let you go, they made a big difference in the obama campaign and social media is more widespread than it was then. the buzz on social media is about the smiling and snickering. could that be what the obama campaign wanted and does it draw in young voters? >> yeah, it's a way young voters get engaged in the process. i don't think the obama campaign wanted 25 different expressions of joe biden on buzz feed the next morning. but it gets young voters involved, whether or not they liked it is a different story. >> we're talking about it so it's still out there. thank you so much, great to see you. >> good to see you too. >> we'll all watch tuesday
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night. probably the most watched debate, the president and governor romney. tune in to "fox news channel" for that. we're getting it rolling at 8:55 p.m. eastern. watch it right here with us on fox. another fox alert for you. an extreme skydiver is watching the weather. trying to determine whether today will be the day he makes a record-breaking supersonic jump. he's felix baumgartner and planning to free fall over new mexico jumping from the strat fear, 120,000 feet and expected to fall faster than the speed of town. his team has been pushing back the time because of the weather. he tried to make the jump on
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tuesday but was scratched because of the winds. we'll watch to see if felix will go flying. would you go up that high? >> no, and if i was, because i love space, i would go on a space shuttle mission. in fact the space shuttle endeavour is making its way to its new home. it was supposed to reach the science museum last night. they told people to stay inside and get out of the way, the streets were so narrow. the planned route, they didn't do their math right and they had a problem. it's still making its way slowly. they -- i don't like this part. they took down 400 trees to make way. >> but they needed to do that to let it go through the streets. >> i hope they grow back. technicians had to figure out how to maneuver the wings. folks, if you look out your window and see this live, which we're looking at, it is for real and it's on the streets.
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>> the pentagon is investigating a navy submarine crash. uss montpelier and uss san jacinto bumped each other yesterday. the pentagon hasn't revealed where it occurred. no one was injured but investigators are trying to determine how much damage was done and how that happened in the first place. we have talked about peanut allergies, now a new concern, a new mexico company is at the center of a major salmonella outbreak and. sun land incorporated a recalling raw and roasted peanuts in addition to peanut peanut butter linked to the outbreak. 35 people are sick in 19 states and they recalled everything made in the plant since march 2010. >> coming up, both the obama and romney campaigns are on "fox news sunday."
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chris wallace will join us with a preview of how both sides are gearing up for the all-important and much anticipated presidential debate on tuesday. >> the space shuttle isn't the only video. new video of a fireworks display gone wrong, shooting right into the crowd. the latest on what happened and how everybody got out. s are. >> and can eating tomatoes help save lives? we'll have valuable information about tomatoes, how they can help us, not just how good they take. the doctors join us for sunday y house call," which is ahead. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow.
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released from the hospital. that's good news. police are still investigating what went wrong. on "fox news sunday," senior advisories from both campaigns preview the critical opposition debate in two days. president obama hoping to bounce back from his wildly criticized performance in the first face-off. governor romney seeking to keep the momentum going. what can we expect on tuesday? >> i think he's going to be aggressive in making the case for his view of where we should go as a country and a country that's built around a growing, thriving middle class, not the top down they're. but he's -- we saw governor romney's walking away from his own proposals and certainly the president's going to be willing to challenge him on it.
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>> there's a big choice election here between president obama's policies and governor romney's policies. that became clear in the first debate, it will be clear in the second debate. this is a big choice election and the fact is what we saw is even if he changes his style and whatever political tactic the president settles on, he can't change his record or policies. >> and joining us is the anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. >> good morning. >> the president is in four days of debate prep in williamsburg. did mr. axlerod indicate, first, what went wrong, and how they look to prevent a repeat? >> they're certainly not relit gating what happened two weeks ago in denver. they say'd bad night and he'll be more assertive. it's a different format and it will be more difficult because this is a town hall meeting, so real people will ask real
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questions about their lives or about issues that they're concerned about. it makes it a little bit harder to pivot off that and attack the other one. people want to hear solutions, empathy and less cut and thrust. i'm sure both will get in their points about what they think their policies would do better and what the other guys would do wrong. >> mr. axlerod says the president is willing to challenge romney basically. how does he do that when dealing with a town hall? take the question and look to him and jab at him. what does he have to do? >> one of the arguments that the democrats have been making is that -- it's the main argument by the obama campaign, is that romney is lying about his record, he's trying to move to the center to shave off some of the hard edges of his conservative beliefs and appear more moderate than he is.
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they will try to do is if they feel romney is doing that, they'll say you say this now but here's what you said during the republican primaries. >> you'll press mr. axlerod on the situation in benghazi. >> yes, i did. i would commend it to people to watch on the whole interview, on the broadcast network or on "fox news channel." we have a prolonged consideration about joe biden's comment on tuesday that we weren't told, we weren't told about the demand for more security, a day after the state department officials said there had been repeated requested -- questions and they were turned down. the whole question of libya. >> did he defend that? did he he say joe biden was talking about the president and
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himself and hillary clinton and not the state department? >> he said it was -- he was talking about the president and himself and the white house. he didn't bring hillary clinton into the protectiveness. he just said we meant about three of us. >> all right. fascinating interview. looking forward to it. >> it gets quite heated, let me say. >> looking forward to it. good to see. >> thank you, same to you. >> for more with the senior campaign advisor, david axlerod and ed gillespie, "fox news sunday" is the place to be at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time right here. millions of americans suffer from eating disorders. the impact that it has on them and their loved ones can be awful. we're going to discuss how to cope with that coming up. we're also taking your questions on this right now. all you have to do is go to"sunday house call"
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and join our live chat. they've gone high-tech. we may answer your question on the air. we'll be right back.
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